Last week, we shared on social media that we are working hard to make a few much needed changes. Well, today is the day that we are finally sharing with you what we were hinting at last week! 

Let me share a bit of a back story so that this makes more sense !

Just when I started out in 2014 and few generous and trusting friends “hired” me to shoot their weddings, I knew this is what I wish to do from now on. Took on a quick name and started out.

Have been shooting weddings for 4 years now and didn’t quite seem to connect with the name I was putting on the pictures I took. Then thought of just simply putting my name on it.

But that somehow added to the confusion of the clients approaching me so as to asking me if I work alone. I have an incredible team of people working hard and it really seemed unfair how just my name went on the photographs & films. I really wanted to thank everyone who has worked with me .

When I started out I really did not think how the name matters and thought just the work should speak for itself. But now I know how the correct name and “brand identity” will be the start of the experience for the couples who hire us. It quite actually sets the tone for what couples can expect out of us.

For the last four or five months, we have been mulling over a name and after thinking about it and discussing with team, we realised we had a name.

We really want our business name to be reflective of what we stand for and who we are, and having a correct name mattered.

We are also starting to go in a new direction with more emphasis on real & authentic moments and emotions.

So without futher adieu, we would love to share with you that we have decided to change our name to:


I know this is a subtle change, but I really do think it makes a difference for the direction we are heading with the business. Especially when you add the logo, I really think this fits who we are as a business much better. 


THE WEDDING TOAST is an ode to weddings and how the small-little-massive things at the end becomes one of the most special days of your lives.

 Our style is best described as creative, natural & documentary. 


That's who we are !

 And that's what we want our name and logo to represent.

We would really like to take a moment to thank you all so much for your support so far !

Many hurdles later, we feel now we are in a space where we want to a better experience for our couples and in turn for the team too.

We are so excited for what's to come for THE WEDDING TOAST.