ANURAAG RATHI is a collective of fine-art photographers and cinematographers based in Mumbai.

We as a team believe photography is something bigger than passion, mixed with a sense of freedom and creation. Our team strongly believes that there is life in everything like fleeting smile of couples on their wedding day, in honest laughter of children, in the sun rays pouring through architecture and in the normalcy of street life, we can tell you, we have seen life. Living amongst all the drama in the wedding house and the small-little-massive beautiful things that we often forget about, we have realised how much we love making moments...a story to tell ! You just need to see it and capture it !

Do you have a moment worth a thousand words ? Do you want to live that moment like there is no tomorrow ?

Call us to capture the precious moments of your life and preserve it for life time. And each time you look at it, the photograph will testify to time's relentless melt. 

Our services include Candid Wedding Photography and Cinematography.

All images copyright @ Anuraag Rathi. All Rights Reserved.


Anuraag Rathi is the brain and heart behind all the team work that you get to see.

Armed with an MBA degree, he always had his heart set at creating and capturing memories. Don't be fooled by his flamboyance, he is sure to seamlessly fit in your special day and is known to do just about anything.


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